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Summer Runs

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

When summer time rolls around, I think about being near water, enjoying the longer days, and early morning runs. These runs are the best. I love the silence in the woods, the stillness of the lake and the chance to see what nature has to offer. I feel as though my heart and feet are following a path to positive thinking and healthy attitudes. I love the sounds of crunchy pine needles under my running shoes; I love the loons saying good morning to one another; and I love the chance to run with no traffic and a peacefulness on the road. Sometimes I do this alone, but I always welcome the friendship of another runner.

Fit Girls Summer Camp begins next week and although it is not at 5:30 am, it is just as exciting every morning. The camp allows the girls to discover, create, and run! Yoga stretches, happy thoughts, collecting running bracelets, challenging minds with a great book and did I mention the friendships. Oh, the friendships evolve and support for one another grows at each of our camps. Our girls are taught early on in our programs that running may or may not be their thing but creating a space that is healthy is especially important as they move forward toward the middle school years. So just as I love the silence in the woods, I love the chatter of girls meeting one another for the first time. Just like I love the stillness of the lake, I love to watch girls maneuver a creative project together. Just like I love watching what nature has to offer, it is inspiring to see the girls challenge themselves in a new outdoor experience learning about the possibilities in creating a photo portfolio around our book theme, “Half A Chance”.

Just like in our after school Fit Girls, running in the summer gives us all a chance to stretch our minds, challenge our bodies and maybe find a new friend. Sometimes running allows us to see things for the first time or no matter how many times one has run by a familiar site, it looks different in the summer morning light. Whatever reasons there are to run, our eyes are open a little wider and a little more inquisitive in the summer. Soak up all that we are so lucky to have around us here in Maine!

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