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"I learned that friendships start here"   a Fit Girl

Friendships start here

Happy thoughts

During each Fit Girl session, the girls are given a "happy thought" to take home and
here are some happy thoughts people are saying about us!

"Fit Girls was so beneficial because it gave me courage to try new things.”

-a former Fit Girl

" It is so fun to watch the girls cheer for one another as they conquer the 5K, which is such a huge accomplishment for them. The positive energy within this program is infectious!"

- a Fit Girl Parent

"So many changes for young girls at this point in their development. This is the time when girls can start to form various opinions of themselves, their bodies and others. Having a program that centers on strength as expressed through kindness, creativity, resilience, and courage is critical for young girls at this point in their lives. My daughter is visibly inspired from the encouragement and positive messages she receives from the other participants and leaders of the Fit Girls program. I am so thrilled we have this resource in our community. Thank you!"

- a Current Parent


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