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We would especially like to thank the following this year:

  • The Onion Foundation

  • The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

  • Saucony Run for Good Foundation

  • Community Health Options Foundation

  • Franklin Savings Bank 

  • DDG Booksellers

  • Hannaford
  • Spandits

  • Tyngtown Club

  • Wilton Lions Club

  • Wilton Masonic Lodge #156

  • The Law Office of Ron Aseltine

  • Tom and Dena Polko

  • Michael and Marcia Parker

  • Cyndee Cochran-Sturdevant

  • Sarah Chamberlain

  • Susan Brackett

  • Dolly Scott

  • Shelby Aseltine and John Horton

  • Tom and Sarah Aseltine

  • Adele Hardy

  • Laurie Scott

  • Nancy Cureton

  • Nancy Stowell

  • Jan Collins

  • Thanks for your kindness!


Fit Girls is so fortunate to have the support from the Onion Foundation this 2022-2023 year. A grant from the Onion Foundation is a true commitment to Maine non-profits and we at Fit Girls are very appreciative.   The Onion Foundation's vision “supports organizations that empower people in their communities to live healthy vibrant lives”.  The gift will help spark the fall program beginning in early September. 

Fit Girls is very grateful for being selected to receive an Onion Foundation grant this year which will help us keep our mission of providing programming to the girls and their families at zero cost to participate.

The Fit Girls program is empowering girls through fitness, reading good books and community service. Thank you, Onion Foundation, for your kind and generous support!

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Community Health Options kindly is supporting Fit Girls this year with a grant. Community Health Options believes in giving back to organizations in Maine who support engaging children in living physically healthier lives.  Fit Girls is very grateful for this opportunity and appreciates the thoughtful support.



Thank you for all you do for our Fit Girls:

 Ali Butler Paradis,  Stephanie French, Nancy Ellis and Tina Davis

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Fit Girls Partner
The business philosophy at Spandits!® aligns with the message that is shared at Fit Girls in each running session: To do your personal best.

​​Fit Girls and Spandits!® would like to invite you to join us in celebrating what makes each one of us unique, while striving toward our own personal bests and making each day extraordinary!


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