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We are fortunate to have Franklin Savings Bank as a longterm community partner who sponsors our tee shirts each year. We are also grateful to Tyngtown Club and Wilton Lions Club, who contribute annually.

For donations given so far this year, and who Fit Girls would love to count as annual contributors, we are grateful to Jocko Fuel, Bangor Savings BankKyes Insurance and E.L. Vining & Son

Being able to count on a community organization for annual support allows us to focus on providing high quality programming rather than fretting about covering our basics.

We are otherwise funded by occasional grants and donations. Our programming each year varies based on our funding status. The Executive Director works hard to keep Fit Girls offered free of cost as we believe this makes our valuable program more easily accessible to all.


PLATINUM, $2,000+
Jocko Fue
gor Savings Bank

GOLD, $1,000-$1,999
Franklin Savings Bank

SILVER, $500-$999
Tyngtown Club
Kyes Insurance
E.L. Vining & Son

Wilton Lions Club

BRONZE, $250-$499


We are in a multi-year grant from the Onion Foundation as an outdoor access grant. The Onion Foundation "supports organizations that empower people in their communities to live healthy vibrant lives." We are so grateful to the Onion Foundation team for their sustaining grant. The Onion Foundation has made the last few years of Fit Girls possible!
Our coaches volunteer their time to mentor, educate, and support the development of our Fit Girls. They are true community leaders.
Many thanks to
      Jenn Civiello
      Tina Davis
      Nancy Ellis
      Stephanie French
      Lena Rutberg
      Bailey Scott
      Leah Stevens


Saucony has provided Fit Girls with several grants over the years. Saucony is committed to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic by supporting running programs for kids. We LOVE our shared mission.

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