We would especially like to thank the following this year:

  • The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

  • The Onion Foundation

  • Franklin Savings Bank & Western Mountain Financial Services

  • Devaney, Doak and Garrett Booksellers

  • Hannaford
  • Spandits

  • New Balance

  • Tyngtown Club

  • Wilton Lions Club

  • The Law Offices of Ronald G. Aseltine, Esq.

  • The Calico Patch

  • Tom and Dena Polko

  • Sarah Chamberlain

  • Melanie Farmer

  • Trish Flint

  • Paulette Cahn

  • Susan Brackett

  • Mary Ryan

  • Dolly Scott

  • Kim Fast

  • Jeanne Lambert

  • Shelby Aseltine and John Horton

  • Cyndee Cochrane Sturtevant

  • Tom and Sarah Aseltine

  • Adele Hardy

  • Marcia Parker

  • Laurie Scott

  • Nancy Cureton

  • Nancy Stowell

A special thanks to RSU 9 for the use of their facilities and space!


Thank you for all you do for our Fit Girls:

Merrily Welch, Ali Butler Paradis,  Tiffany Baker, Marcia Parker, Catherine Dennis, Nancy Ellis and Tina Davis

Fit Girls is super excited to be a recipient of an Onion Foundation grant which will be used to support our programs in 2020. The Onion Foundation's vision “supports organizations that empower people in their communities to live healthy vibrant lives”.

Fit Girls is very grateful for being selected to receive an Onion Foundation grant this year which will help us keep our mission of providing programming to the girls and their families at zero cost to participate.

The Fit Girls program is empowering girls through fitness, reading good books and community service. Thank you, Onion Foundation, for your kind and generous support!

Thank You

The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

Thanks to a grant from The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust, Fit Girls was able to provide a wonderful summer program to girls in western Maine.  Fit Girls Survivor Kits were delivered and the girls experienced a week long camp from their own backyards.  It was a great week of outdoor fun and activities. It turned out to be such a fun week featuring running, reading, yoga, a scavenger hunt, hikes, bee houses, rocks, journals and happy thoughts. A creative solution in our changing times and we so appreciate the Agnes M. Lindsay Trust for supporting our efforts.  These girls had fun!



Fit Girls Partner

The success of our programs at Fit Girls is partly dependent on the encouragement and support we receive from people who believe in what we do. Spandits!® is a local Maine company who does just that. They believe in our mission of empowering young girls through running; through reading great books with positive messages; and through caring for the community in which we live.
 Fit Girls and Spandits!® are partners and share their enthusiasm for young girls and women to be the best they can be. The business philosophy at Spandits!® aligns with the message that is shared at Fit Girls in each running session: To do your personal best.

​​Fit Girls and Spandits!® would like to invite you to join us in celebrating what makes each one of us unique, while striving toward our own personal bests and making each day extraordinary!


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