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Dear Fit Girls and Families,

Welcome! We are so excited to have you as a part of our program. 


Below please find various pertinent information regarding Fit Girls. Regarding weather, we run in the rain and will get wet. If it’s particularly stormy we may utilize the inside of the school building. Please “follow” our Facebook page for occasional photos/updates.


See everyone with their sneakers on!

Parent/Guardian Guide


Currently in our spring '24 May session. 


Save the date for Saturday 10/12/24 Fit and Fun 5K Fundraiser

Race Notes:

1. A grown-up must be present with Fit Girl at the race. It is not a drop-off event.

2. Open to the public–this is our fall fundraiser to support our program!

3. No registration costs for current Fit Girls participants, ask coaches about reduced fees for family members if needed.

Expectations for Girls (and their Grown-Ups!)

  1. Safety First. 

  2. Remember pick up is at 4:30pm. 

  3. Wear sneakers and bring a full water bottle. Help your child choose clothes they feel comfortable wearing while running, jumping, stretching, and potentially getting rained on. Running shoes that fit not in the budget? In need of a water bottle? Tell a coach or send us an email.

  4. Be respectful and kind to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

  5. Be willing to participate with the group and demonstrate a positive attitude to try your best. Our best can look and feel different each day. We cannot always control what happens to us or how our body will feel, but we can do our best to cultivate a thoughtful attitude!

  6. Have fun! 


How to Support Your Fit Girl

  1. Fit Girls is a place for girls to embrace being themselves. What makes us unique makes us special. Now and every day is the time to let your child know that you love them, are proud of them, and that they should be proud of themselves just for being who they are.

  2. As grown-ups our actions speak louder than words. Model healthy choices. Make choosing fresh air, movement, and healthy foods a family mission. Too hard to get everyone to the dinner table at the same time? Try the family walk a bit later in the evening or before work/school.

  3. Help your child remember to wear running shoes on Fit Girls days. 

  4. Register for the Fit and Fun 5K October 12, 2024. There is no registration fee for current Fit Girl participants, but all friends, family, and community members are encouraged to join in and donate along with their race fee. This event is open to the public. The more the merrier–this is our fall fundraiser to support our program!

  5. Encourage your girl (and join your girl!) to walk/run at home 1-2 more days a week to help her build her cardiovascular capacity and get outdoors. 

  6. Please remember we are all different. Each person’s body and health journey is their own. We respect, encourage, and celebrate each individual to make healthy choices every day. Each girl is helped to find their own pace and progress.


Fit Girls Components

Our program and daily sessions include:

-fresh fruit an vegetable consumption/discussion for snack 

-curriculum discussion, usually related to our book to support mental and emotional development

-energetic and engaging warm-up activities and games

-running/walking workouts designed to gradually build endurance and strength

-participation in our Fit and Fun 5K Fall Fundraiser

-the value of setting goals, working toward them, and accomplishing them!

-building kindness and friendship with other 4th and 5th graders before middle school

-the opportunity to perform community service and give back to our schools via the Fit Girls Cares Porject

-encouragement of sense of self and support for selves, each other, and the outdoors


Maine Health 5210 and Food Access Partner

Fit Girls supports Maine Health Let’s Go’s 5210 program. We discuss the following strategies for each day: 

-at least 5 fruits and vegetables

-at least 1 hour of physical exercise

-less than 2 hours of screen time

-0 drinks with added sugar

Furthermore, food is fuel for our growing and changing bodies and minds. Food is a basic right for all people. With the rising cost of groceries, if your family needs help accessing more food, please email or tell your teacher/coach. We can help families access Franklin County’s resources.


Safety Tips for At-Home Training

  1. Do not run/walk alone. Family grown-ups, siblings, friends make great running buddies.

  2. Avoid the road if possible. Run/walk on sidewalks, the park, on a trail, the high school track, open fields.

  3. If heading out from your house, stay close to home. Small loops or a little out and back can give more options depending on how your body feels.

  4. Run/walk in areas you are familiar with.

  5. If possible, make sure one person you’re running/walking with has a cell phone/smart watch/walkie talkie to call for help if needed.

  6. Make sure someone knows where you will be and expected time of return.

  7. Be aware of what is going on around you. Listen for cars, bicyclists, animals. Avoid using headphones unless in a safe, controlled area.

  8. Listen to your body and your heart. If your body doesn’t feel quite right or something feels weird in the environment around you, head home.

  9. Sunscreen daily! Wear a hat on sunny days for sun protection.

  10. Drink lots of water! Hydration helps muscles rebuild stronger and faster.

  11. Have fun!  Smile. Laugh. Being outdoors, moving, powered by your own body, is the best gift in the world!

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