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A MIGHTY GIRL is a great resource
for girls and families with wonderful
books on raising smart, confident and courageous girls. Check it out!

Fit Girls is a place where girls can learn to be themselves, learn the value of self-respect and how being” unique” is cool.  Just like learning to take care of their bodies by physical activity and making healthy choices, feeding their minds with good books and activities is good for the soul. As mentors, we can inspire the girls to reach their potential but families are where the girls live and learn and conversations are so important at this growing age.  We hope that this Family Resource page provides information that is useful and meaningful as you continue to support their  efforts to be healthy, active,  and “unique” individuals.

Fit Girls is so pleased to be part of

Let's Go 5210 and this year received a "bronze" status for making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Congrats to our girls, volunteers and families! Please check out Maine Health Let's Go for more information:

PBS Parents has a great page on raising girls and understanding the changes and challenges they face.  

Fit Girls families


It is National Nutrition Month!

The month of March is dedicated to focusing energy towards nutrition.

Try a new recipe, create a new healthy habit.

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