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board of directors

The Fit Girls of Wilton Maine Board of Directors actively supports the Fit Girls mission to instill a love of running and life-long practice of healthy body, mind, and heart in 4th and 5th grade girls in Franklin County. Our Board is comprised of individuals with diverse skill sets to best aid the program in supporting our constituents. We are so grateful for their knowledge, time, and dedication to Fit Girls.​

Fit Girls of Wilton Maine Board Members​

Deb Aseltine, Founder, Exiting Executive Director

Karli Erickson, RN BSN, Incoming Executive Director

Ronald Aseltine, Attorney

Anfin Erickson, General Surgeon

Meghan Carroll, Physical Therapist

Meg Undlin, RN BSN MSN, former free health clinic nonprofit executive director

Sharon Epple, Ph.D., former elementary school principal and teacher

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