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The fit girls program

Fit Girls of Wilton Maine encourages girls to aspire to their potential. Reading and running go hand-in-hand, both opening doors for girls to have healthy bodies and healthy minds. 

​Our Board of Directors supports the Fit Girls of Wilton Maine mission and believes that every girl has the opportunity for growth in friendship and self-esteem. Fit Girls of Wilton, Maine is a 6 week fall and spring
running and reading program for girls in 4th and 5th grades.

Running and walking are easy, inexpensive forms of exercise that strengthen a variety of muscles and the cardiovascular system.  Running and walking also promotes better physical and mental health.  Our approach
to exercise is non-competitive, and each girl is encouraged to find a pace that is comfortable for them. 

​Reading helps us learn and grow and exposes us to new ideas.  A wonderful book can inspire, motivate and comfort. During each session, the girls participate in activities surrounding our book choice.  By introducing girls to meaningful books with positive messages and engaging stories, Fit Girls of Wilton, Maine helps girls gain
a deeper appreciation for themselves and their communities.

Our message, "running, reading, caring" helps girls gain a greater self-esteem and confidence at an impressionable time in their early life. The positive strides made by Fit Girls participants will follow them through their middle school years and beyond.


our healthy workouts

Lively and Engaging Warm-up Activities  |  Yoga and Stretching Exercises  |  Fun Games  |  Non-Competitive Running & Walking Workouts  |  Recording Progress in Training and Reading Logs  |  Opportunity to Engage in Community Service  |  Reading a "Great Book of the Day!" and activity with a positive message  |  The value & reward of setting goals, working toward them, and achieving them; where the finish line is just the beginning!

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